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Pure American Natural Talalay Latex

Here’s why we chose it for Zenhaven.

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Dunlop or Talalay?

There are two ways to transform latex from its tree-tapped liquid state into the elastic layers used in mattresses: the original Dunlop process and the newer Talalay process.

Each starts by whipping liquid latex into a batter and pouring it into a mold, but the Talalay process then adds two key steps. A vacuum is created to fill the mold evenly and completely. Next, the latex is flash frozen, at -20° F, locking the particles into a more even distribution.

The Talalay process is more expensive and time-consuming, but those two extra steps give it properties superior to Dunlop for the Zenhaven ultra-luxury mattress. And the best Talalay latex available anywhere is made right here in America.

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Talalay Is More Breathable.

Watch the airflow test
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Talalay cells are 50% larger than Dunlop's, allowing 228% greater airflow. This results in a more breathable mattress, and a cooler, drier sleep.

Talalay Is More Resilient.

The Talalay and Dunlop processes produce very different “feels”: Talalay latex is a more elastic, “springier” material with a more buoyant, elevating sensation.

Talalay is simply more comfortable, more luxurious. Its elevating, almost weightless sensation is the true magic that sets it apart.

Talalay Is More Consistent.

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Talalay’s flash-freeze and vacuum steps give more precise control over the firmness of the final product. A softer mattress layer is simply a result of less latex, evenly distributed throughout the mold. The Dunlop process requires “filler” materials in the mix, making the final product flaky and less durable.

The Talalay process means we can specify exactly the levels of Zenhaven firmness, confident they’ll be delivered as ordered every time.

Talalay Offers Better Pressure Relief.

The greater resilience of Talalay latex allows it to conform to your body’s curves more completely than Dunlop, providing better support and greater pressure relief.


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All latex manufacturers must add an ingredient to make the cell walls less likely to stick to each other. This in turn makes it less likely that body impressions will form in the latex over time.

Many manufacturers add a chemical-based plastic, which is known to break down under stress. We use a natural silicate that produces a more natural, more durable latex. This ensures that your Zenhaven mattress will not break down or sag, giving you a comfortable, supportive night’s sleep for as much as 20 years.

Zenhaven’s latex will outlast any other latex. We know this from latex durability tests.

The Proof Is In The Testing (And The Sleeping).


The Compression Set Test involves compressing a test sample to half its original thickness for 22 hours at an elevated temperature of 158° F and then allowing it to decompress. The greater the loss of thickness, the more likely the material is to take an impression over time — and the more likely you are to end up sleeping in a crater.

LATEX TYPE: American Talalay European Talalay Dunlop
% COMPRESSED: 3.3% 5.7% 11%
COMPARISON: 73% more compressed 223% more compressed

*Tests conducted by Talalay Global, Shelton, CT


In the Impact Test a weight of about 45 pounds is dropped repeatedly on the mattress core for 24 hours. The core is allowed to recover for 24 hours, then its firmness is measured again. The greater the loss of firmness from the first measurement to the second indicates how likely the material is to break down over time.

LATEX TYPE: American Talalay European Talalay Dunlop
% OF FIRMNESS LOSS: 6% 16% 18%
COMPARISON: 167% more loss 200% more loss

*Tests conducted by Talalay Global, Shelton, CT

Talalay is More Breathable.

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Talalay cells are 50% larger than Dunlop’s, allowing 228% greater airflow. This results in a more breathable mattress, and a cooler, drier sleep.

Our Talalay is Made in America.

The advantages of sourcing our Talalay in America go far beyond quality. We don’t import, so we can fill orders more efficiently and with a smaller carbon footprint. We’re close to the process: the Saatva Company and our latex manufacturer are both based in Connecticut, a close partnership and an efficient production process that would be impossible with a foreign facility.

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