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100% Pure Comfort
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Pure tree-tapped latex and advanced 2-in-1 comfort innovation create the ultimate sleep experience!

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Natural latex is the best-kept secret in sleep, and once you have experienced it, nothing else will do. It instantly responds to every curve of your body for pressure-free support and incomparable comfort on both traditional and adjustable bases. Zenhaven naturally resists mold and microbes. Its durability is outstanding. And no latex brings these benefits together more perfectly than pure American Talalay latex. That’s why we’ve used it to create Zenhaven.

Inside the Zenhaven Mattress

Mattress Illustration Mattress Illustration

Advanced 2-in-1 Comfort Technology

How do you choose a Zenhaven comfort level? You simply flip the mattress over.

The Talalay process produces a very consistent latex in a wide range of firmness levels, so we've been able to build two different comfort levels into a single mattress.

Mattress Illustration
firmness levels

80% of latex customers choose a Luxury Plush comfort range (4 – 5). It conforms and supports your body effortlessly while still maintaining an ultra-luxurious, plush feel.

The Gentle Firm side is 18% firmer than Luxury Plush, for those who want a slightly firmer feel. Gentle Firm still provides uplifting, pressure-free support.

The Zenhaven Secret: Our Proprietary 5-Zone Latex Comfort Layer

By varying the size and distribution of the “pinholes” formed during the Talalay process, we created a seamless mattress layer with 5 distinct zones of density, providing Zenhaven with firmer support beneath the torso and shoulders and more subtle support elsewhere. The result is pressure-free support and better spinal alignment.

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Why American Talalay?

When we set out to create the world’s most luxurious natural latex bed, our first decision was which type of latex to use: the denser Dunlop latex or the more resilient Talalay. It was the supremely supple yet buoyant feel of Talalay latex that won our hearts — and our backs.

From top to bottom, every support layer of Talalay gives Zenhaven more of an elevating sensation, breathability, and durability.

Our Talalay is made in America, not imported as other latex is. It costs more to produce than other types of latex. But we think the end result is worth it. You can learn all the details here: WHY AMERICAN TALALAY?

Pure Health

Zenhaven’s Talalay latex offers a range of health benefits. It’s naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mold, microbes and dust mites. It contains no volatile organic compounds or other harmful substances found in chemical-based bed foams. And it has a uniquely resilient feel that elevates and conforms to your body for perfect support, total comfort, and a truly restorative night’s sleep.

Luxuriously Supportive

Weightless. That’s the word so many people use to describe how they feel on a Zenhaven mattress. Customers new to latex often expect to sink into the mattress, but are surprised to find themselves lifted instead.

No latex delivers this feeling more luxuriously than the American Talalay latex we use in Zenhaven. And we’ve topped our latex layers with an ultra-comfortable layer of 100% organic New Zealand wool — all wrapped inside a lush organic cotton cover.

Zenhaven is the perfect marriage of luxurious comfort and healthy support.

Breathable and Cool

Latex has an open cell structure that allows air to circulate freely, countering body heat and providing cool, comfortable sleep. This natural air flow gives you a mattress that’s seven times more breathable than other types of latex.

20 Years of Blissful Sleep

Enjoy years of luxurious comfort and support backed by our 20-year warranty.

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