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Proudly made in America.

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We take great pride in our American craftsmanship and our terrific workers — just another reason for you to love your Zenhaven mattress.

19 U.S. Factories and Over 145 Fulfillment Centers
Your money stays in America, enriching our economy.

Local Deliveries and Installation
Less pollution and lower transportation costs.

Handcrafted by American Workers
We keep Americans working.

The Highest-Quality Standards
Built to the most stringent U.S. specifications.

The Facts

Zenhaven, like all Saatva mattresses, is made in America.

We are often approached by foreign mattress manufacturers who want to build Saatva products. They guarantee the cost will be significantly less, and our profits will be much higher. We always say no.

We process our raw latex into Talalay latex in America. We do not import it from Europe or Asia as many other manufacturers do.

Sourcing from the best is a tradition we and our suppliers stand behind.

The Lineal™ Adjustable Base by Saatva is designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S.